The World’s Most Luxurious Casino Hotels

Luxurious Casino HotelsIf you have been lucky enough to take a trip around the world you might have seen some of these destinations.

However, us normal working class people have to settle and play a round or two in the local casino or online. These locations are where you will be able to entertain yourself once the BIG jackpot is yours.

The most extravagant and entertaining casino hotels, where you will have everything at your disposal from luxurious hotel rooms and dining areas to the spa and gym and for those who want to apply their skill to another few casino games, the beautiful casinos.

Best 4 Hotspots In The World With A Casino!!!

1. Ibiza Gran Hotel (Spain)

VenetianSituated in Talamanca in the Ibiza town, this five-star hotel has a lot to offer. Looking out over the harbour and enfolded by beautiful gardens, this destination is surely a little piece of heaven. The entertainment available is suitable to everyone’s needs.

For those wanting to break some sweat and stay in shape, they have an open fitness gym equipped with equipment ranging from cardio to hardcore bodybuilding.

When it’s time to relax you can tone it down with some spa treatments including sauna, jacuzzi, beauty treatments and relaxing massages.

The Hotel is known to be the only 5-star establishment on the island. With an extreme attention to detail and service that cannot be faulted, Ibiza Gran Hotel has a unique essence ensuring unique experiences. Contemporary styles of art are decorating the spaces including the five elements earth, air, fire, water, and sky.

The casino is equipped with a gambling hall where you will find table games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and the famous Texas Hold’em. They have a separate slot machine room with a variety of 100 games and slot machines. For the high stakes players, there is a VIP Slot area.

2. The Palazzo (Las Vegas)

VenetianThe Palazzo is located on the Vegas Strip and has everything that your guest could want under one roof. With some exceptional shops and entertainment, it is perfect for those who love the rich city life.

The spacious suites are elegantly furnished with a European style design. This resort has a unique pool coverage, from 10 pools over 1.2 acres of space, suitable for families with children as well as the more private pools for you and a loved one.

The Pool experience includes and Aquatic club for the sportier guest and the cabanas and daybeds for those wanting to simmer in the afternoon sun. To top off this experience the TAO Beach is where you will find all your celebrities and jet-setters, some famous stars known to TAO Beach are Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson.

Players can expect a vast variety of over 139 casino games satisfying the needs of any player. With 20 high limit tables and the Stadium Gaming ranging minimum bets from 1 cent to $5000, you are free to bet your desired amount. Their slots available also top the most extensive range. By becoming a member of the Grazie Group you will have full access to any of the facilities available at the resort.

3. Sun City Resort (South Africa)

Sun City ResortWhen you arrive at the Sun City Resort it feels as if you are in your own city, more like a world within a city. The myth of the lost Kingdom in Africa is the inspiration for this casino resort. Hidden between dense botanical gardens infused with trails for hiking, this is nothing short of an enchanted setting.

This magical resort is situated along the border of the Pilanesberg National Park, making it the only surf destination to the busy “Johannesburgers”, within a two-hour drive. The Valley of Waves is also a huge star attraction for surfers, and for the guests that prefer to stay dry; there is beautiful white sands and the relaxation of the Grand Pool.

The hotel, Palace of the Lost City, is decorated with the African theme of lost animals. The stone carved creatures and massive statues of lions, kudus, birds, and animals of all kinds fill the Palace. The rooms are subtly infused with the African theme and the restaurants are filled with a blend of African cuisine and French modern techniques.

This casino resort has two casino areas. The Jungle Casino is decorated with the jungle theme and the Sun City Hotel Casino. With The Jungle Casino having 250 slot machines and the Hotel Casino a total of 330 slot machines, furthermore, you are able to partake in blackjack as well as American Roulette and Punto Banco.

4. The Venetian Macao (China)

Venetian MacaoThis is the sister hotel of The Palazzo, owned by Las Vegas Sands. This exquisite setting is a replica of the City of Venice, with highly sophisticated surroundings and very tall buildings. The hotel boasts an amazing 2905 suites and the packages are tailored to suit your needs.

The entertainment in the Venetian Macao is a wide variety of sports such as tennis; boxing and basketball, together with live performances, when you add some duty-free shopping you will never have a dull moment.

When it comes to the restaurants, there is a vast number to choose from.

They offer different styles and types of cuisine such as Italian, Indian, Chinese, Western, International Asian and Japanese. And for those who are less adventurist, they will find the food court and bars and lounges with fast foods.

The Venetian Macao casino has a gambling area consisting of four different areas – Golden Fish, Red Dragon, Imperial House and Phoenix. They have a huge number of 2000 slot machines and 500 gaming tables. They also have a VIP area called the Paiza club, for all the High Rollers.

With this trip around the world, you are sure to be treated like a king or queen in any of these mentioned resorts. Some of them will be a once in a lifetime experience as you may have to travel far distances from where you might be situated and some might be right in your hometown. If you are looking for five-star entertainment, you do not need to look any further, be sure to visit any one of these exquisite destinations.