Top 10 Blackjack Tips

blackjackYou will have more Blackjack games that can be played online than you are ever going to find offered in a land based venue, however, with there being so many different games on offer then you will need to know which games to play, how to play them optimally and a whole plethora of other information to ensure you which online Blackjack games really are worth playing.

Below we have put our top 10 Blackjack tips and we invite you to study them all of these tips should help you locate the best games whilst also showing you which bets are worth placing and which should be avoided which will ultimately increase the chances of you having a winning online Blackjack game playing session!

Play Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack Game

There really is only one online Blackjack game when played perfectly is going to give you the best chances of winning and this is the Classic Blackjack game found in the Microgaming gaming platform, make sure it is the single hand variant you play for that variant offers players a house edge which is just 0.13% and you will not find a lower house edge online Blackjack game than that.

The next lowest house edge Blackjack game available to players is found in Playtech software powered sites, this game is different from standard Blackjack games and will take some getting used to but if you play it perfectly then the house edge is just 0.16%.

House Edge Differences on Multi Hand Variants

Some multi hand Blackjack games have more decks in play in the shoe of the game and will cause the house edge on hose variants to be much larger than the single hand variants, one tip we can pass on to you if you do intend to play the above Microgaming Classic Blackjack game is to play the single hand variant for the house edge on the multi hand version is higher due to there being more decks of playing cards in the shoe.

Always Split Aces

One strategic playing error that Blackjack players can find themselves making if they are new to the game of Blackjack is to not split Aces, be aware that on virtually every single Blackjack game that can be found online the best way to play those games is to always split a Pair of Aces when they get dealt out to you!

Never Split Tens or Ten Valued Cards

Another way of playing Blackjack is in regards to when you have been dealt out a pair of tens or a pair of ten valued cards, some novice Blackjack players will take a look at the Dealers up facing card and if it is a low valued one may think it is the best move to split the tens, however, be aware the best way to play any pair of tens is to stand those tens and never split them!

Do not take Insurance

You will find that when playing Blackjack and the Dealer has got an Ace showing then the Dealer is going o give you the option of taking an optional side bet type of wager which is known as the Insurance bet, this bet costs you half of your base game stake amount if you choose to take it and then if the Dealer gets a ten valued card alongside his Ace then the Insurance bet you took will pay out at odds of 2 to 1. This bet is an extremely poor valued one and our Blackjack tip from the Insurance wager is for you to avoid taking it whenever offered to you!

Avoid Playing any Bonus Blackjack Bets

Many of the newer online Blackjack games will offer players a range of bonus payouts whenever they have been dealt out certain hand combinations during the base game, however you will be forced to pay a bonus type additional wager to get access to those bonus payouts and it is worth us telling you that the bonus bets all have huge house edges attached to them which mean they are very, very poor valued wagers and much like the Insurance bet we told you about early players should always avoid placing any type of bonus bet even if the bonus bet payouts look huge valued ones!

Avoid 6 to 5 Paying Blackjack Games

The best payouts you can get when you have been dealt a winning Ace and Ten card which is known as the Blackjack hand is 3 to 2, but be warned some online casinos offer 6 to 5 payouts for these winning hands and those sites and their Blackjack games should be avoided as a 6 to 5 payouts lower than a 3 to 2 payout and therefore offers very poor value to players!

Be Careful When Using Casino Bonuses

Bonuses can be something of a trap for online Blackjack players for when you are credited with one and you intend to play Blackjack with a bonus you need to churn through the bonus and your deposit a huge amount of times before you have the chance of cashing out anything, so one tip we can give you is to not bother claiming Blackjack bonuses as the play through requirements often and in most case mean they are poor valued.

Make Sure You Get Comped

Comps are given away by all online casinos however some casinos give away enhanced comp points with much better redemptions rates that other sites so shop around to get the maximum playing value from your accumulate comp points!

Get Yourself a Blackjack Strategy Card

We would advice all online Blackjack players to get a Blackjack strategy card for the variant they are playing online, for these cards are extremely valuable to players for they enable you to instantly see how to play every hand dealt out to you perfectly.