Top 10 Casino Scratchcard Games by Top 10 casino websites

ScratchcardAs it is not just slot games, table games and video poker or card games that you can play at online casinos, we have chosen to put together a very informative guide which we may think is going to be very useful as it will enable you to track down some of the more unusual yet very high paying games found in many online casinos.

Below you will find the top 10 casino scratchcard games all listed.

Whilst thanks to the unique design of the following games not resembling a standard type of scratchcard due to enhanced graphics, sound effects and animations, you are going to have a very unique type of game playing experience if you choose to give them some playtime online.

Have a look through this list for alongside each game mentioned you will find out just how much each of them have been set to return via their preset long term, expected payout percentages, and some of them have very high RTP’s attached to them, much higher than many other types of casino games!

  1. Hand to Hand Combat – This is basically a game based on Rock Paper or Scissors. On the left column you will find your hand, and the right, their hand. Should you win, you’ll be awarded the prize associated with that row. The game has a pretty fun design and a Reveal All button for those looking for fast action. The RTP is the highest on the list at 96.75%, which basically means you have more chance of winning when you play this slot.
  2. Space Evader Gold – This is more a board game as oppose to a online scratch card. However, with an RTP of some 96.66%, you’ll have some pretty good prizes coming your way! The game gives you 5 rolls, and you progress up the ladder. The last passed prize is what you win! It’s got quite a funky theme and also awards plenty of prizes.
  3. Six Shooter Looter – This is another Board Game type card. You’re given a set number of rolls, and you move up the board avoiding the danger zone. Be aware, that this slot has an RTP of 96.66% and although very high, it does mean that not all tickets win. The theme is a Cowboy theme with some colourful characters we reckon you’ll love, and with a generous jackpot on offer, you’ll have hours of fun playing.
  4. Crypt Crusade Gold – It’s a bit of a morbid name, granted! But this board game scratch card is actually pretty cool. You’ll start the game with a set number of spins, and you simply move along the board and hopefully don’t land on the danger spaces. The card is set to return 96.66% over the long run, and as such, you have a very good chance of leaving up.
  5. Lucky Numbers – As the Chinese have a love of the number 8, this scratchcard certainly makes the most of it with a top prize of 8888x your staked amount. The game has a very simple interface and would most suit those of you who like to play scratchcards, or it could be very good for the eco friendly gambler! The game has an expected long term RTP of some 96.57%, which essentially only gives the house an edge of just short of 3.5%, so could be very profitable for you!
  6. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey – This officially affiliated scratch card is quite quirky indeed. Featuring characters from the movie, Bill and Ted offers you up to 2500x your total stake for matching 3 of the logos up, there are also plenty of other prizes to be had, and if you ever have a little time spare, we seriously recommend you give this card a try as it has a Return to Play percentage of a respectable 96.50%.
  7. Plunder the Sea – This is a colourful ocean themed scratch card game. Simply pop the six bubbles to hopefully match three. Pop the big bubble, and if you reveal a WIN, your prize will be added to your bank. At 96.38% RTP, it’s a respectable player, however, it does also mean it’s a high variance scratch card, so you won’t win too often, but when you do, it’ll be huge!
  8. Offside and Seek – Similar to the card above, this game has a funky football theme. Simply scratch off the panels on the left hand side to reveal the players. Simply match three symbols to be awarded with the prize, on the right hand side, scratch off the other panel and if you reveal the word GOAL, you’ll be awarded that prize. The RTP for this slot is 96.38%, and thanks to that, this is a fairly high variance game where you’ll not find many small wins, but you’ll find plenty of big ones”
  9. Game Set And Scratch – When you decide to play this Tennis themed scratch card, you’ll notice that there are 2 games, one where you scratch off 6 panels, and another where you scratch off a single large panel. In the first game, you will have to scratch off the panels to hopefully reveal 3 matching players. Upon doing so scratch the second portion of the card to hopefully reveal the ball to win your prize! 96.38%
  10. Bunny Boiler Gold – This quirky game offers a bit of a dark name considering it’s based around a fluffy bunny! The game is a simple board type game. You’re given a set number of Rolls, and as your progress and pass the markers, your prize will go up. Upon throwing your last roll, the last prize you passed is yours, and with the game offering a 96.38% RTP, it’s going to be more often than not that you win a prize!