Top 10 Video Poker Tips

Video PokerIn this section of our website we have compiled the top 10 Video Poker playing tips, and as many players tend to play online Video Poker games when logged into any online casino then if you are one of these players we invite you to have a good look through the following hints and playing tips as you may not be familiar with some of them!

Locate the Video Poker Games with the Highest RTP

There are going to be some huge variations in regards to the RTP (payout percentage) that each slot game is going to payout, and this is where the savviest Video Poker players can massively increase their winning chances by selecting to play the Video Poker games which have the highest payout percentage, one game which does is Microgaming’s All Aces game which returns to plays 99.92% and as such is one of the best Video Poker game variants available anywhere online due to that huge RTP!

Do Not Use the Optional Gamble Feature

You can often be offered a double or nothing type of gamble game when playing some Video Poker games and you get dealt out a winning hand combination, you are very strongly advised never to take this optional gamble game for y doing so you be will affecting the long term payout percentage attached to that game and could lower it quite significantly especially when you gamble and base hands value and lose it several times on the trot!

Always Play Maximum Coins per Hand

You will be best off playing each hand of Video Poker for the maximum number of coins that the variant you are playing will allow, for the vast majority of Video Poker games have had the payout which is awarded on the highest paying hand boosted quite significantly on the pay table when a maximum bet wager has been put into play, so make sure you do set into play maximum bet hands to take advantage of those better jackpot payouts.

Avoid Playing Progressive Video Poker Games

The progressive video Poker games found online and in land based casinos can be very poor valued games to play as you are often going to find the coin values are fixed at just one value and as you always have to play these games with maximum bet wagers in play to have a chance of winning the jackpot then they can be very expensive games to play, and only one person is going to win each jackpot which you will be feeding with your stakes, and if that winner is not you then your stakes have been wasted!

Check the Pay Tables

We should point out that there are many different pay tables that can be used on Video Poker games, and as such even though a casino is offering a game with the same name as another casinos Video Poker games, that does not mean the pay tables are going to be identical, and there are many lower paying pay tables that can be attached to Video Poker games, so always find the games with the best paying pay tables to ensure you always have the best winning chances when playing any variant of Video Poker online or in land based casino venue!

Playing Multi Hand Video Poker Games

Be aware some multi hand Video Poker games will have lower pay tables than the single hand variants of the very same game, so once again always take note of all of the payouts listed on any multi hand Video Poker games pay table and ensure they are the highest ones available before you start to play that game!

Track Down the Best Valued Casino Bonuses

Many online casinos will let their customers play Video Poker games with any bonuses that they have awarded to those players, but always glance at the terms of any casino bonus to ensure that the play through requirements are not too high on Video Poker games as the terms and condition and more importantly the play through requirements can and do vary from casino to casino!

Never be Afraid to Stop Playing

When a players has won some sizable winning payouts from a Video Poker game the temptation to carry on playing will always be there, however you are going to have more winning sessions if you opt to leave the Video Poker games and the casino you are playing it when you have increased your bankroll, so never be afraid to stop playing once you are in profit.

Equate Your Stakes to Your Gaming Budget

You stakes should always be in equation to your available gaming budget when playing Video Poker games, if you play for too high a stake level then you will soon find yourself busting out much quicker than you will do by setting a sensible stake per game played based on your gaming budget, perhaps you should use one fiftieth or one hundredth of you available gaming budget as the stake level you play each hand of Video Poker for as that will give you lots of hands to play and give you a fairly lengthy Video Poker game playing session!

Join The Casinos Comp Club!

One final Video Poker playing tip is that you should always join up to any casinos comp club when before you start playing Video Poker, for due to the high payout percentage attached to most variants of this game you will find you play many hands per session and that can and will equate to a lot of comp points!