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How to Play the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Game

You can be faced with lots of different Blackjack game variants when you sign up to and play at any online casino site however what you should always be looking for are the variants that offer the very lowest house edges as you will get more winning opportunities when you play those games online.

As such we would like you to consider playing the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game which you will find available at each of our casino sites that utilize the WGS gaming platforms and their range of games as this game is a low house edge one and comes with lot of different chip and stake level settings too!

The house edge of the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game has been certified and this WGS game has also been independently tested and verified as being a completely random game too so you will always get a random and fair outcome when playing it.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

If you play the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game there are going to be no bonus bets or any type of bonus games or bonus features that you can trigger, for this is a casino card game and as such it is the outcome of the game when your hand is compared to the dealers hand is the one that determines the outcome of each game played.

You are however going to be offered an Insurance side bet when playing Vegas Downtown Blackjack, and that is going to be offered to you if the Dealer has been dealt out an Ace as his up facing card, and therefore the is a chance that he will be dealt out a Blackjack hand.

When playing the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game and you are offered the insurance bet that bet will cost you half of the amount you wagered on the base hand if you want to take that side bet option, if the Dealer does then have a blackjack hand your side insurance bet will pay out at odds of 2 to 1.

Downtown Vegas Downtown does have two base game winning payouts, all winning players Blackjack hands payout at odds of 3 to 2 and all other winning players hands pay out at odds of even money. If your hand and the Dealers match when playing the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game then that game is a push and you will receive your stake money on each hand you placed a bet on that matched the Dealers hand back and that is known as a push.


You are going to find that as soon as you do sign up to any online or even mobile casino site depending on which one you choose to play at there could be a huge number of different blackjack game variants on offer, and you need to select the variant with the very lowest house edge.

Whilst you may come across several different casinos sites offering the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game variant you may find the house edge change on each different version of that game you play and that will be based on the playing rules and the payouts on offer!

If you want to play the Vegas Downtown Blackjack game for real money then you will need to find a casino banking option that is suitable to you, MasterCard is one such method that quite a number of casinos will accept and it is worth knowing you can claim plenty of bonuses at many online casino sites when you do deposit using MasterCard.