Live Casinos And Where To Find Them

As this was a feature that was on everyone’s lips, having a live interface became a necessity for the casino. But how can they fill the gap? The answer was very easy. As you are able to place bets online and play against the computer with a random number generator (RNG), some people feel like they will not have fair chance to win.

Together with that, they prefer a bit more action. So, online casinos have identified the need for a live studio.

This is most suitable for online casinos; however, land-based casinos have also seen an opportunity to increase their customer base.

How do they work

The first live dealer casino was established in 2003 by the popular developer Playtech. Advanced software called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in order to activate this live stream. This is the same feature that is used by scanners to scan data onto your email or into your folder. Since this concept has been created, this has just rocketed and has become a popular addition to most online casinos around the world.

It allows you to stay at home, log into a live dealer casino and have all the perks of a live casino. You have personal dealer including some team members or other players that you play against. The communication is easy and convenient, through a textbox at the bottom of the screen, however, still giving you a lot of privacy to make decisions when playing the games.


Location and layout

These virtual casinos are actually in a real studio with real dealers. Normally it would be a secluded area to ensure that there are no external noises to distract the online players. These locations will depend on the online casino and are not bound to a certain area.

The most important tables will be situated all around the studio, containing a few games. Some of the tables have a limited amount of players and others like roulette have an unlimited amount of players that are able to join the same table.

Pros and cons

Having a live dealer casino does have a few pros and cons, let’s have a look at the negatives first.


  1. As they always use state-of-the-art equipment it is quite an expensive exercise, together with the lovely live ladies that also needs some remuneration, the overheads of running a live dealer casino can be a substantial amount. So, how do you think will they account for those extra costs? This might have an impact on minimum bets as well as payouts, the minimum bets might be increased and the hope to win a big jackpot might not be as realistic with a live dealer casino as they might lessen the jackpot amount to compensate for the live dealers and all the overheads.
  2. As you might choose a room with more than one table, you might feel a little distracted if not by the good-looking dealer and you will hear the dice and spinner and shuffle of the other dealers, taking your aim off your game. Further to that, the atmosphere is very impersonal, all actions are executed by pressing a deal or hit or spin button, in comparison to the actual conversation with the dealer.
  3. All dealers are human and thus there is still room for error. Your bad deal might be as a result of the deck not being shuffled correctly and thoroughly.


  1. Even though the human aspect has a con it can be seen as a pro, because a lot of online players are sceptic about the computer generating of numbers factor, they believe that it might be tampered with if they have not had any wins. However, with a live dealer, it is a person handling your cards and ultimately your money.
  2. There is also a very positive social aspect to live dealer casinos. You are able to communicate and interact with your fellow players; thus, you might gain some tips and also some company if you are normally a loner. Further to the social aspect mentioned earlier, is they always use girls very appealing to the eye and with the right package. If you are someone that is lonely this might cheer you up a little.
  3. Following the fact that you might encounter some issues during your play, you can rest assured that they always have someone available to assist immediately. When experiencing difficulty with an online casino, you might need to send an email, only to receive a response the next day. With live dealer casinos, you have a pit boss always at your service and ready to assist.

Games available

Live dealer casinos face the difficulty of having a limited amount of space available, thus they will only have a limited amount of tables and services available.

The most popular games available are Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Blackjack is seen as the most played casino game in the world and as most casinos include this live dealer function it is a given that it will be included on the VIP list of games on offer for live dealer casinos.

Second is baccarat. This is normally a very small table of people; however, the big spenders normally aim for this table first. Giving them the VIP treatment they are looking for.

Lastly, it is the popular roulette table. Sometimes this table might be included just because of its ability to accommodate a vast amount of players, which obviously call for higher bets and then ultimately higher jackpots to be won.

Now that you have a better understanding of how a live dealer casino works and how they can benefit you and the casino, it might be easier to put the whole picture into perspective as to why the request for this service has become so popular. Sitting in the comfort of your own home, interacting with other players and having your eye on some good looking live dealer ladies, this is more than enough reason to justify the fast-growing need for it.