How Israel Played A Massive Role In The Global Gambling Industry

Israel is one of the smaller countries in the world but their contribution to just about every industry has been immense.

Gambling is frowned upon in most parts of the world and it is no different in Israel but still the Israelis have played a big role in changing and transforming the live casino and online casino industries.

One of the main reasons for this is because some of the biggest players in the global gaming industry are companies founded by Jews and many of the top casino business tycoons are Jewish as well.

Leading Israeli Figures In The Casino World

We take a look at some of their contributions to the global gaming industry.


Sheldon Adelson

When it comes to gambling, it does not get bigger than Sheldon Adelson. He is the CEO and founder of one of the world’s biggest casino firms in the world – Las Vegas Sands Corporation. He is one of the most successful casino entrepreneurs with a net worth of more than $3 billion.

Sands Corps have some of the most popular casino properties in the world including the Venetian Las Vegas and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Adelson has been a controversial figure in recent times as he has been the biggest opponent to the legalization of online gambling in America. He is also the biggest donor to the Republican Party and is also a member of a charity organization that enables Jewish teenagers to travel to the US every year.

Teddy Sagi

Teddy Sagi is widely known in the online casino industry as being the founder of top iGaming brand Playtech. The firm provides software solutions to online gambling firms all over the world, ensuring a unique gaming experience through cutting-edge technology.

Playtech promotes legitimate online casinos and makes sure customers are well-protected by taking them to secure and regulated websites. Playtech also enables customers to play on their mobile phones and access live casino games with no hassle. The company is an innovative and leader in casino software solutions and games.

Ben-Yitzhak and Shaked Brothers

One of the world’s biggest online casino firms,, was founded by two sets of Israeli brothers – Shay & Ron Ben-Yitzhak and Avi & Aaron Shaked.

The company is among the most popular options for online casino and poker players. One proof of’s success is securing a deal with the NFL New York Jets, generating massive profits for the company. While is licensed and based in Gibraltar, the Israeli brothers fully own and operate the brand. It continues to expand and is currently trading on the London Stock exchange.

Israel continues to attract major investors who are into the gaming market. There are also a number of Israeli gaming startups that are waiting to launch their new products and services.