Top 10 Progressive Game Tips

Progressive JackpotWith progressive games having one or sometimes more life changing jackpot payouts on offer then these types of casino games really do get a lot of attention from players.

Below we have compiled an overview and description of the top 10 progressive game tips, so spend some time reading through them all for they may just help you in finally winning one of those life changing progressive jackpots!

Read the Pay Table and Progressive Game Rules Thoroughly!

Each progressive casino game is going to have either a set of rules attached to the game or its own stand alone pay table, and before you start to play any progressive game you need to understand how you qualify for the progressive jackpot which can often require you to play a certain number of paylines or play maximum bet spins when playing progressive slots or you may need to place a bonus bet on some card and table games to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

So always read through the rules and/or pay table to ensure you know how to play each game and will never miss out on winning a progressive jackpot by inadvertently not placing that special wager!

Random Jackpot Slot Game Playing Tips

As random jackpot slot games give players who are playing for any stakes levels the chance of being awarded a progressive jackpot, not many players are aware that if you play higher stake spins then your chances of winning will increase, so always play any random progressive slot game with the highest stake in place per spin that you can afford!

Choose when to play them carefully!

Always consider playing a progressive jackpot paying casino game when you notice the jackpot is considerably higher than it usually gets to, for by playing online progressive games when the jackpots value is way higher than its average payout amount then that is going to give you a slightly better chance of winning as that jackpot will be overdue!

Never Chase a Progressive Jackpot

If you have played any progressive jackpot awarding casino game for a long period of time, then you may feel that you deserve the jackpot as a large proportion of your stake money and gaming bankroll has been feeding the jackpot pool. This way of thinking is often a costly one for many players will chase the jackpot and will play the game it is attached to constantly in the hope of winning the jackpot, and as is often the case another player will end up winning it! So never chase jackpots of it may prove expensive if you do so!

Set Aside a Progressive Slot Playing Budget

As the likelihood of you actually winning a progressive jackpot either online or in any land based venue is going to be negligible, then when you do decide to give any progressive game some play time and are hoping to beat the odds, then always have in place a sensible playing budget, more so if you are playing progressive slots!

Once you have spent up that budget then never be tempted to carry on play for the jackpot is only going to be won when the random number generator churns out the progressive jackpot paying outcome and not before!

Look for the Highest Payout Percentage on Progressive Games

You will find slot games and video poker games can have progressive jackpots attached to them and when choosing which game to play the best tip we can pass on to you is to ensure you select the game with the highest payout percentage, for this will ensure you get the maximum winning chances by virtue of the game you playing awarding more winnings back to players.

Play Regularly Jackpot Awarding Progressive Slots

Do some research to find out just how much each progressive game actually pays out to players when its jackpot is won, and by building up a list of when the jackpots are won and how much is paid out then you will be able to instantly spot those games which award their jackpots more regularly than other games, and then can opt to play those regularly jackpot awarding games as opposed to playing one that rarely pays its jackpot out!

Make Sure No Monthly Cash out Limits are in Place!

Make sure the casino you are playing at will pay you the entire progressive jackpot win in one lump sum, for some online casinos pay jackpot winners in small monthly payments which is no good is you have a huge amount of cash in your account!

Be Wary of Bonus Terms and Conditions

Many online casinos have very strict rules in place regarding playing progressive games with their bonuses, and this means that anyone wishing to play any type of progressive game with a casino bonus is going to have to trawl through all of the terms and conditions of any bonus to ensure you are permitted to play with them, so make sure you do or if you fall foul of these bonus playing rules you may have any winnings voided, including a progressive jackpot win!

Progressive Slot game Auto Play Strategy

Many players playing the slot machines online which have a random jackpot will set these slots to play for tiny stakes via the Auto Play setting, and this is quite a good playing tip for by setting hundreds or even thousands of small stake spins into play via the Auto Play setting each spin played will give you a chance of winning the progressive jackpot!