Top 10 Roulette Playing Tips

Online RouletteBelow are our top 10 Roulette playing tips which we invite you to read through, as there are so many different types of Roulette games now available to play online you do need to know the differences in each variant on offer and only every play the variants which offer the best winning chances, which are always those Roulette games that boast the very lowest house edge!

Don’t Play the American Roulette Game

The American Roulette game variant is a very poor paying game for there are two zeros on the wheel and the payouts are just the same as other variants on offer but that manes the house edge due to that extra zero is huge compared to the French Roulette game variant mentioned below, so never play American Roulette as you are likely to lose much quicker than playing most other variants online!

The French Roulette Game is the Bets Variant to Play

One zero is attached to the French Roulette games wheel, but there is something very unique about this variant which makes it the one Roulette game you should be playing at that is the rules which kicks in when the zero does get spun in on the wheel, If you have placed one or more of the wagering opportunities that return a winning payout of even money and a zero is spun in then you get half of your wagers back, or on some games those wagers stay in play on the betting layout for the next spin and this means the house edge on this game is tiny a just 1.35%

Avoid Playing Zero House Edge Roulette

If you see a game of Roulette on offer with no zero in play on the wheel then this is often referred to as a zero house edge game as there is no house edge at all attached to that game, and a Roulette game with no zero may seem attractive to players, but the casinos that offer these games often make up for the zero house edge nature of their games by taking a percentage of your winnings as a fee when you make a withdrawal, so these games are not as good valued as you may have though they were!

Keep Your Stakes in Equation to your Bankroll

If you play with you stakes too high when playing Roulette you run the risk of losing much more quicker than you will by only placing a small percentage of your available gaming budget onto the Roulette tables betting layout per game played, so keep that in mind!

Never Place Roulette Bonus Bets

You will find that a lot of the newer online Roulette games boast a set of bonus wagers which you can place alongside your base game wagers, but be warden each bonus bet offered has a much higher house edge that the base game wagers so one valuable Roulette playing tip is to never place any type of bonus bet when playing Roulette online or in a land based venue!

Mini Roulette offers Poor Playing value

You will find Playtech powered online casinos have a Mini Roulette game offered which is located in their Arcade Games menu, but this game only have one zero on the wheel and twelve other numbers so you may be under the impression is it a better game to play than standard Roulette games, however this is not the case as the house edge on every wager is considerably higher than most other variants, so avoid playing Mini Roulette!

Earning Comps when Playing Roulette Online

You can and will very quickly amass a huge number of comps when you are playing Roulette online as this is a very fast paced game on which you can place a large collection amount of wagers during any one single session, so one tip is to always ensure you are a fully joined up member of any casinos comp club before you start to play Roulette for real money online as by doing so you will be getting additional free chips from your real money action which increases the value of your gaming budget!

Progressive Roulette Game Playing Tips

Our best tip for playing Progressive Roulette is to not bother playing those variants of which there are a growing number of tem available online, Te house edge on the bonus side bets you have to place on all Progressive Roulette games make them very low paying games, and the only way you will overcome the house edge is to be lucky enough to actually win the progressive jackpot, which is not something that is going to happen very regularly!

Bonus Play on Roulette Games

We really do advice players to be very careful when they have a bonus in any online casino account and those players want to play Roulette, for you can often find you are limited to the amount per spin of the wheel you can place onto the betting layout when using a bonus and will often have huge play through requirements attached to any bonus that is used on Roulette games.

Benefits of Playing Live Roulette Games

Playing Roulette is quite a solitary type of game, in fact many players prefer playing online as that is exactly the type of gaming session you will be having at most casino sites, but if you want to play against other players with real Croupiers then you can join in land based games via live video stream when logged into a growing number of casino sites online and you do this by selecting the Live Roulette games, so do consider giving them a try for a more community based gaming session!