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by Paul Butcher Last updated

Due to recent UKGC regulations we unfortunately cannot allow UK Players to play our free to play games.

Select the Casino rooms in the table below to play the game and verify your age there.

If you want to play then you will need to register at a UKGC licensed casino and verify your age.

When you want to play a casino game at any online casino site you will probably be looking for two different things from those casino games. The first thing is to be able to play them for stake levels you can afford and also you will want to play a game offering some large winning payouts.

With that in mind one game you will probably be interested in playing is Roulette, that game is a table game and every single online casino site will be offering you a few different variants of Roulette, and as such you do need to know what makes each and every single one of those variants unique and different from the other ones.

The main difference between the American Roulette game and all others is that when you are playing it you have an additional ball well on the Roulette wheel and for reference that is a double zero ball well. So American Roulette first and foremost has the numbers one to thirty six in play on its wheel and both a single and double zero too!

Multiple Chips Values

When you choose to get stuck into playing the American Roulette table game at any casino site you will find that by clicking onto the chip value button which will be located somewhere on the games screen, you will be able to increase or decrease the value of the chips you will have in play.

Once you have selected a chip value that you are happy to play this game for and chosen one you can afford based on your gambling budget then you must decide just which betting areas on the betting layout you wish to place your bets and wagers on.

To place those wagers all that you need to do is to move your mouse over the betting position on the betting layout and click your mouse, each time you click your mouse one chip will then be placed on that betting position on the chip value you have selected.

Once you have placed all of your bets and wagers then all that remains for you to do is to click on the spin button and the wheel will then start to spin and the winning number will be the one that the ball falls into on that wheel.

High House Edge

One final thing we should make you aware of is the house edge that you will find being offered to your on American Roulette. Due to the design of the game and the payouts you can achieve you will find this game has a house edge of 5.26%.

Be aware though that there are in fact several different variants of Roulette available online and as such as a player you should be looking or those Roulette game variants that have the very lowest house edges attached to them. The lower the house edge the lower the amount the casino is theoretically expected to win from you over the long term!