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Due to recent UKGC regulations we unfortunately cannot allow UK Players to play our free to play games.

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There are of course lots of different casino table games that you can play online, and if you play at any of the casino sites you find showcased to you on this website in every single one of them you will find the European Roulette game on offer.

That game is one of the very best ones that you can choose to play online for the way it has been designed when compared to some other variants is such that it only have one single zero on its wheel, if you come across a variant of Roulette that has more than one zero on its wheel those games boast a much higher house edge which will decrease your overall winning chances!

The European Roulette game is however a highly playable game and each time you spin its wheel it will be a random number generator that will determine just which number is going to be spun in on the wheel so you will always be playing a 100% fair and random game!

How to Play the European Roulette Game

There is one thing that you have to be very careful of when you want to play any Roulette games in any playing environment, and that is you do not play for too high a stake level, as if you experience a poor run of luck you could bust out your bankroll very quickly.

However, what you are going to also find is that there are several different Roulette game variants on offer however the best one to play is the single zero variants such as this European Roulette game from WGS as the house edge is just 2.70% which is lower than most other variants!

The house edge of the European Roulette game has been certified and this WGS game has also been independently tested and verified as being a completely random game too so you will always get a random and fair outcome when playing it.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

As this is a table game on which there are no side bets or bonus bets then when you play it you are not going to be able to trigger any bonus games or bonus features, and the only winning payouts that you are going to win will be associated with the bets and wagers you play in regards to the number that has been spun in on the wheel.

Keep in mind those that there are a handful of Roulette games you may come across online that do have bonus games and bonus features, however all of those that we have seen available have huge house edges associated with those bonus bets and bonus features.

Therefore if you want to have an enjoyable Roulette playing session and one on which you are always going to get a fair chance of winning then the European Roulette game should be right at the top of your list.

You will find that every single outcome of the spin of the roulette wheel is completely random and it will be determined by a random number generator, so you will never be able to predict the outcome of each spin by using anything other than luck!

You will find many casino sites do offer bonuses to their players, those bonuses can be new player bonuses or ongoing bonuses that are only available to regular players, however always keep in mind that you should read through the terms and conditions of any bonus offer you are thinking of claiming to find out whether you can use your bonus credits on this game!

Also keep in mind most casino sites do have a comp club scheme in place and as such you are going to be earning comp points each time you do play this game for real money and those points can quickly add up too!

Low to High Stake Levels

Now one thing that every player is going to have when playing online casino games is a set bankroll and gambling budget, and when you choose to play this game you are always going to have full control over just how much you gamble per spin of the wheel you play off.

You will find located at the foot of the game all of the playing control buttons laid out on the game play control panel. One of those buttons will allow you to increase the value of the chips you will be placing onto the betting layout of the European Roulette game and you will be able to increase the chip values too.

Every single one of the betting locates that you will find displayed on this casino table games betting layout can have one or more chips placed onto them and as such you simply have to move your mouse over the one you wish to bet on and click your mouse and one chip will then be place onto that betting layout for you.

As soon as you are happy with all of the numbers and betting positions that you have placed a chip on then click onto the spin button and the ball will be released and the game will start.

Low House Edge

The house edge is the amount of money that is displayed as a percentage that the casino is going to be expected to win from you, over the long term, and with that in mind you should be looking for a Roulette game to play which has the lowest house edge.

The reason why we think you really are going to enjoy playing the European Roulette game as opposed to for example the American Roulette game is that the casino is expected to win from you a lower amount on his game, as the European Roulette games house edge is just 2.70% whilst the American Roulette games house edge is much higher in value at 5.26% so play the former and not the latter is our advice!


The important thing to remember when you play roulette games such as this one is that each casino will have different table stake limits on offer, and as such it is important that you select a game offering you low or high stake limits based on how you want to play.

You will also find that it is easy to alter and adjust the actual chip values too, so if you do only want to play for low stake amounts then that is something that you can very easily do, and remember each roulette game has a random number generator determining the outcome so they will be completely fair casino table games to play online!

You are always going to come across weird and wonderful Roulette game strategies, however always keep in mind that every single spin on the European Roulette game is random and as such it is going to be down to just how lucky you have been at choosing your number as to whether you are going to have a profitable Roulette game playing session or not as the case may be!