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The vast majority of video poker games have the standard set of 52 playing cards in their decks and as such when playing those games an initial set of five randomly selected cards will be drawn out of the deck when playing off an initial hand.

However, what you will find on offer on the Double Joker video poker game is a deck of playing cards that does not have the standard 52 cards in its deck but a set of 54 cards are in that deck.

Those two additional cards are Joker cards, and when they are dealt out to any hand they will act as wild cards so they can and will stand in for any other playing card. The pay table on the Double Joker video poker game has been adjusted to take into account those two extra Joker cards!

How to Play the Double Joker Video Poker Game

There are two extra playing cards that you will find in the deck of the Double Joker video poker machines and those extra two cards are both Jokers, those cards are going to act as wild symbols whenever they have been dealt out to any of your hands!

Due to there being 54 and not 52 playing cards in the deck of the Double Joker video poker game that mean you are going to find lots of additional winning hand combinations can be formed when you are playing it, so take a look at the pay table for details of those additional winning hand combinations as some of them are very high in value!

The payout percentage of the Double Joker Video Poker game has been certified and this WGS game has also been independently tested and verified as being a completely random game too so you will always get a random and fair outcome when playing it.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

There are lots of winning hands that you can be dealt out when playing the Double Joker game and the pay table will show you all of the hand combinations that do pay an award, there are lots of unique ones on offer on this game including the Joker Royal Flush hand which pays 500 coins when you are playing maximum coin hands.

The Double Joker video poker game only has an optional bonus game that being the Double Joker double or nothing game which is an optional feature you will be allowed to make use of if you have been dealt out any winning hand combination when playing this game.

That gamble game will see the Double Joker game, when you have clicked onto the gamble button, present you with a playing card face up and four facing down playing cards and you will then have to select which of the four facing down cards is higher than that of the face up cards.

When taking the Double Joker game gamble game if you make an incorrect decision you will lose what you have won, however make a correct decision and you base hand winnings will be doubled. The Double Joker game will also let you take the gamble game again after a correct decision until you have reached the gamble game limit.

You will find when playing the Double Joker game you can play for different coin values and can also play up to 5 coins per hand, so it can be a low stake or high stake video poker game.

Adjustable Coin Values

When you playing the Double Joker video poker game you should always play with all of the five coins in play and that will ensure you always get the best valued winning payout when you have been dealt out any of the winning combinations that are listed on the pay table of this game.

One way that you are going to be able to afford to play for five coin hands is to set the coin value settings to ones your gambling bankroll and gaming budget can sustain for a large number of base game hands.

So make sure you click onto the coin value button and pick out a coin value you are comfortable with and can afford before then play off each hand of this game!

Gamble Game Option

One final thing that may appeal to you when and if you do decide to play the Double Joker Poker video poker game variant is that each and every single time you have been dealt out a winning hand combination via the base game you will be able to take an optional gamble game in the hope of you being able to boost the value of that winning payout.

So if on any base game hand you play off you have managed to achieve a winning payout and you do wish o try and boost the value of that winning payout then simply click onto the gamble button.

What will then happen is the gamble game screen will be loaded onto the game screen and one face up card will be dealt out to you, and four facing downwards cards will also be dealt out to you. You then have to pick one of those four facing down cards and hope when it is turned over it is a higher valued card then the initial face up card.

If that card is higher in value that the initial face up card your winnings are doubled in value and you can collect them or take the gamble game again, if the card revealed is lower in value than the initial face up card then you will lose what you won on the initial base game hand!


Due to the way that this video poker game has been designed you are going to find that you can play off a huge number of hands in a very short space of time, and as such that needs to be thought about when you are thinking of playing it as you will want your bankroll to last as long as you can make it last!

The game itself does offer all player the option of being able to increase the coin values they are playing it for so if you find your bankroll is not lasting that long then lower the coin value settings down or if you are happy to play for high stake amounts increase those coin values upward in value instead!

When you visit places like Las Vegas you will find video poker machines all over the place, however if you do fancy playing the Double Joker video poker game then make sure you stick to playing only the variants available that has the best paying pay tables and no the lower paying ones!